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NEW The beginning of a new series... This highly engaging and interactive eBook explores the heart of a private pilot's training curriculum in a succinct and enjoyable manner. Built specifically for the iPad, this product utilizes some of the iPads most powerful functions and tools.

$19.99 Private Pilot eBR - Pilot Mission LLC
This T-Ref explores many important topics pertinent to instrument flight training and is continued in Part. II.

$6.99 Instrument Pilot T-Ref Pt. I - Pilot Mission LLC
This T-Ref explores many important topics pertinent to private pilot training and is continued in Part. II.

$6.99 Private Pilot T-Ref Pt. I - Pilot Mission LLC
This is the second IFR T-Ref and covers check-ride prep and tips, icing hazards, approaches, and more!

$6.99 IFR T-Ref Pt. II - Pilot Mission LLC
This is the second PPC T-Ref and covers check-ride prep and tips, weight and bal., METARs, TAFs, and more!

$6.99 Private Pilot T-Ref Pt. II - Pilot Mission LLC

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SPECIAL PROMO Get the digital and the printed products for the price of just the hardcopy products! The best deal we've had yet!
NEW Recently optimized for tablets and performance... This download contains all 5 of our T-Ref products in PDF format. The ultimate solution for those who desire to have a handy reference product right at the finger tips along with their flight planning software on the iPad, Android device, etc. Enjoy! $25.00

For all your flight training needs!


We're excited to announce the soft-launch of our beta program for our aircraft maintenance logbook transcription and backup service- PlaneLogiX!


Check it out everyone... our first feature-length iBook dedicated to private pilots in training. This book is also a great refresher piece for those looking to get back into the hot seat. There is no lack of interactivity, quizzes, and fun in this iBook, so check it out! Thanks all! The official press release can be found here:

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We're excited to announce the launch of our newest product: the Private Pilot eBR. Whether you are a seasoned pilot, instructor pilot, or student pilot, this product will serve you well. This product covers the fundamentals of a private pilot's training curriculum and serves as not only a strong introduction to the skills and knowledge necessary to becoming a private pilot, but also a great reference when you are in need of a flight review or in need of polishing up your private pilot knowledge.

Student Pilots: This book is loaded with content in the form of diagrams, illustrations, videos, and more. Designed to help you get acclimated to the general aviation environment- this book will serve you well as you journey through the private pilot training curriculum.

Current Pilots: In need of a refresher or BFR? Consider this book to help you brush up on your knowledge for the oral portion of your BFR and cross-country planning skill set. Review questions and interactive diagrams will help you quickly diagnose your weak areas.

Instructor Pilots: Looking for that engaging training product that will keep your students captivated and engaged? Consider using our review sections as a precursor to heading up for a flight lesson to make sure your student has been keeping up with his/her homework!

With over 100 pages of content, 150 review questions, a glossary, embedded videos, check-ride preparation tips, and tons of interactive images and diagrams, make the "Private Pilot iBR" a staple in your flight training curriculum!

Pilot Mission LLC

Check out our new page dedicated to the venerable Beechcraft 58P Baron... more pages like this to come! The Beechcraft 58P Baron

Check out our blogs here: Blue skies and tailwinds!

T-Ref™: We have developed unique training products to aid you in your study process. These are known as "T-Refs." We present them in a tri-fold format and pack in a ton of information focused on the heart of the training material pertinent to your rating so you don't have to flip through hundreds of pages to find what you are looking for. Ever have a hard time memorizing all those acronyms? Ever wish you had a reference you could quickly take a look at to find the answers you are looking for instead of browsing the internet?

A-Ref™: Our aircraft tri-folds will give you a unique advantage - right down to the serial numbers. "A-Ref" stands for "aircraft reference." Not all aircraft are alike! Many important changes develop as an aircraft remains in production over the years. Some of these facts may be life saving! Take this fact for example: some aircraft bring fuel directly into the cockpit for pressure readings, but others of a different vintage (serial number) do not! Click the A-Ref on the right for a preview of the product or here to learn more about what an A-Ref is.


A-Ref™Link to our "A-Ref" page.

Click the image above for a preview of our 58P Baron A-Ref!


Some other products and services we are proud to share with you include videos, a community forum, digital products, and more. Stay tuned!

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